VOWnet Pricing Schedule





Residence / Small Business

  Service for up to five computers

Broadband Internet Access $45.00/Mo   $495.00 per year with annual prepay — One Month Free!

  Basic Equipment Package $300.00 $25.00/Mo Includes radio, window antenna, connection for one computer. Package designed for self-installation (when close to transmit location)

  Typical Equipment Package $445.00 $35.00/Mo Radio, enclosure, medium gain antenna, router, roof tripod/mast pole

  Installation $55.00/Hr    
Large Business
Six or more computers

Broadband Internet Access $65.00/Mo   $700.00 per year with annual prepay — Save $80.00!

  Business Equipment Package $550.00 $45.00/Mo Includes Business Radio, Antenna, Router

  Installation $55.00/Hr  

  Static, Public IP Address

$5.00/Month   One time $45.00 setup fee. Includes DNS services.  



  Hi Gain Antenna - 19 dBi $55.00   For long distances

  Hi Gain Antenna - 24 dBi $75.00   For longer distances (over 5 miles)

  Roof Tripod / Mast Pole $45.00

  Antenna Mast, 30'
with guy wires

$60.00   Telescoping Mast, 3 sections  
  Antenna Mast, 50'
with guy wires

$90.00   Telescoping Mast, 5 sections  
  Weatherproof Radio Enclosure

$65.00   Houses radio at antenna to reduce coax / installation costs  
  Grounding Kit $65.00-$85.00   Includes lightning/surge protector, grounding rod, #6 copper wire

  PC Wi-Fi Card $60.00   Use one for each computer / laptop for wireless in-home or office networking. Use with any wireless access point

  *Rentals     60% of accrued rentals may be applied to purchase

All access and rental fees are billed on a quarterly basis


Please Call for pricing on other wireless / network accessories
or for pricing on special applications.

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