Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I already have a small wireless network in my home. Will my wireless equipment pick up your signal?
A. No. Our transceivers are highly specialized commercial grade radios designed specifically for long distance, encrypted transmission of the Internet data stream. However, our service can easily connect directly to your existing wireless network!

Q. Does your service utilize the "Wi-Fi" technology I have heard so much about?
A. No. WiFi technology was designed for small coverage area access points such as an office environment, home interior or localized 'hot spots' for portable computer users.

Although our radios utilize the same frequency spectrum as the Wi-Fi devices, their transport protocol is entirely different and is designed for – and optimized for – long range, interference free transmission. These carrier grade transceivers are not subject to the "hidden node" problem that is the eventual downfall of outdoor networks designed and built around consumer grade WiFi cards and desktop access points.

Q. Will I require a large antenna to pick up your signal?
A. In many cases no. Antenna size will primarily depend on your distance from our transmitter, but most people in the city limits will require only a small, flat antenna, which can mount to the side of a house — or even mount (with provided suction cups) to a window inside the house!

Q. Can I install the system myself?
A. If you are in close proximity to one of our transmit locations, the system can be easily self-installed. We do, however, offer many optional configurations for long distances or high obstructions around the perimeter of the installed location. Some of these configurations require professional installation.

Q. Is it true that I must have line of sight to your transmitter to receive the signal?
A. Our system is classified as 'near line of sight'. Although our signal will not pass through hills or buildings, some obstructions such as trees will not (depending on distance) obscure our signal. If your location is questionable, we will be happy to conduct a sight survey at your premises at no charge to determine signal availability!

Q. Will I loose my connection in bad weather?
A. NO! Our transceivers utilize a part of the radio frequency spectrum which is not adversely effected by hard rain and fog.

Q. Can I try your service before I buy?
A. Yes! You can come by our office at 151 Las Flores where we have a system set up with a computer specifically for potential customers to try out. Come by today and see how fast you can surf your favorite web sites!

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