VOWnet Email Setup and Usage Instructions

This first step in setting up your new email account is to log onto the email server via the VOWmanager interface to change your password to one that is secure and known only to you.

To change your password log into your account from your browser with the following command:


(You can also use the button at the bottom of this page to access the VOWmanager mail manager.)

At the prompt enter your login ID - (your ID is your email name without the "@vownet.net"). Now enter your initial password given to you and click the login button. Once logged in, click the user profile window and click on "change password". You will now be asked to enter your old (initial) password, your new password, and to confirm the new password. Click submit and your password will be changed to the new entry.

You can now either log out or set and change various other user options by accessing the other menus. Options include on-line address book, vacation autoresponder, file storage, etc. Note that you can use VOWmanager from anywhere in the world that you have access to the Internet to manage your account and to send and receive email.


1. Please choose a password that is at least 6 characters long and one that is not a common dictionary word that someone is likely to guess. A combination of letters and numbers is good, and the inclusion of at least one Capital letter and perhaps a special character is even better. REMEMBER, you and you alone are responsible for the security of your email account.

VOWnet will NOT be responsible for any breach of security on your account due to weak passwords.

2. REMEMBER your password. Your password is stored on the server in encrypted form and we will NOT be able to retrieve it for you should you forget it. If you loose your password you will have to contact us to reset your password back to a default value and you will have to repeat the initialization procedure.


In order to use your VOWnet email account with your client email software you must enter a few items of information into your email client. Decide the type of email account you want to use (POP3 or IMAP). VOWnet supports both types of email accounts but most people use POP3.

Depending on your mail software you may be asked for both incoming (POP) and outgoing (SMTP) server names, or their may be only one entry. In either case you will enter vownet.net as the server name in one or both places. You will also enter your VOWnet email address and your name as you want it displayed when you send email.

After entering and saving these configurations you should test your setup and account by sending yourself a test email.


It is very important that you check your email account for messages on a regular basis. System messages and advisories will be conveyed to you via your email.

Please be advised that any email account which goes unused/unchecked for three months or more will be deleted from the system.


Many people like to have their email client automatically check and download email automatically. If you use this feature DO NOT have your client check more frequently than once every five minutes. Most people find that 15 or 30 minute intervals is quite sufficient for automatically fetching email.

Do not use any VOWnet email account for long term storage of emails or files. You should move all files in your account to local computer storage on a frequent basis.

If you experience any problems please contact support for assistance.

Enjoy your new email account!

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