Finally, Wimberley area residents can enjoy the same Internet bandwidth that, up till now, only business, government and academic customers in metropolitan centers could afford or even get.

And the good news is it's available now, today, from VOWnet, a service unit of The Media Cottage, a Wimberley-based technology company that has been serving the communications needs of businesses and organizations across the country for the past decade. We design high-speed data networks — extra-nets and intra-nets — for some of the nation's largest corporations. We install bandwidth-hungry distance learning connections for schools and colleges across Texas. And, we provide international videoconferencing for clients here and around the world.

VOWnet offers Wimberley area residents a new type of wireless technology that is comparable to T1 speeds (over 2,000% faster than dial-up.)

And only VOWnet offers the full-bore, unthrottled bandwidth necessary to experience the rich, multimedia resources of the Internet. VOWnet has the highest transmission points in the valley, which means unmatched coverage to locations even the cable and telephone companies can't reach.

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